Hi and welcome to ALL RIGHTS RESERVED clothing co.

All Rights Reserved - none waived ever, was founded by Tom Barnett and Dave Oneegs.

Our organisation started with the vision to help empower living men and women to stand in their truth and hold their position, as they learn to navigate their way out of the world of legal fiction, and return to the land of the living.

Never before has it been so important to know how to stand and remember who we really are; sovereign beings with inalienable human rights.

It is our vision that our clothes and merchandise can serve as a wearable reminder for anyone that dares to remember who they are.

Truth is our way and freedom is our right and for any of it to be taken away, we first must consent to giving our rights away. Hence the name ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - NONE WAIVED EVER.

It's just the beginning for us.

We hope you will enjoy our first prints, memes, artworks and maxims of law that are designed to educate, empower and help us navigate our daily dealings in commerce.

We trust you will enjoy our first run of tees and caps and we look forward to bringing you a range that is made by our community and for our community. 
Thanks so much for your support.
Stay strong,
Tom and Dave


David Oneeglio, known as Dave Oneegs, has become one of the most widely heard voices on social media in Australia since the plandemic began in early 2020.
He had been exposing the spraying of Australian skies and the weather engineering programs for a few years prior to covid, and using his social media accounts to red pill with hard hitting truth bombs and uncomfortable facts on a range of topics.

His audience grew rapidly when he staged a one man protest against covid propaganda in Broadbeach, removing all the indoctrination signage live on instagram and throwing it all where it belongs, in the rubbish.

This incident made the channel 7 mainstream media, only increasing public support for Dave's message to Australians which can be summed up as, "Get off your knees, Australia. We were not born to live in fear."
Dave is best known for powerful facebook lives that went viral all around the world and had millions of views.

The powers that be have become truly afraid of Dave's voice, wiping his instagram accounts of 45,000 followers and censoring his facebook account of 35,000 with consecutive 30 day bans. Dave Can found on telegram at


Tom Barnett is a holistic health practitioner who became widely known for his viral video, 'can you catch a virus?' He has since been helping educate people about the power that we hold both in what we are in body, mind and soul, and our rights.

Tom can be found at and you can subscribe to the mailing list. He’s also on telegram: